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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Daily Gospel Devotional 2013: Worry to worship

Matthew 6:25-34 / Luke 12:22-32…

Jesus is not telling us to be careless. He is changing our priority, reorienting us away from worry and into worship. Life is more important than the things needed to sustain it. Yet we have the habit or being overly concerned with the everyday needs of food and clothing, in other words, stuff, to the detriment of devotion to God. We even turn stuff we want into stuff we need and we fall right off worship way and onto anxious avenue.

Thank God that He is concerned about our personal, physical, daily needs. We are valuable in the eyes of the Creator. He takes great detail to sustain those things which are lesser and so He does us even more. Yes, you still have to do the work, but God has provided a way, a process for you to prosper. But you must remember that proper prosperity puts God as the priority.

Worry doesn’t enable or empower us with anything but negative energy; it cannot help us up even one step. If it can’t even do that, why are you anxious about the rest (Luke 12:26)? The people who don’t know God are in the place of no peace; their whole lives are consumed by such things. Those who may know God but who are indulging in their worries instead of investing in their worship fall back into that place.

Seek the things of God, and in the midst of that the basic essentials will be taken care of. Living for today by having an eye for tomorrow means we can live one day at a time by thinking about our eternal source. We can rely on our eternal God and His eternal plan while giving each day all we’ve got, not having to worry about tomorrow but eating our daily bread. If God is in control you will have enough, because trust is the currency of Christ.

Worry isn’t serving God; it makes us our own god. You have no reason to worry, and every reason to worship, if your source is greater than your self.

“Living For Today With An Eye For Tomorrow”©



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