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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Daily Gospel Devotional 2013: Give your heart

Matthew 6:1-4…

Why do you give? The simple answer is “to help out”. Yes, that’s good, but let me ask again, why do you give? You say, because I know we are supposed to. Yes, that’s true, but let me ask once again, why do you give? You say, because it is the Golden Rule (Matthew 7:12). Yes, we ought to give because that is what we would want if we were needy. Well, of course we are all needy, but allow me to ask again, why do you give? You say, because Jesus wants me to.

Alright then, those are all good reasons for giving to help the needy, and we can all give of our time, our talent and our treasure. But let me ask you, if the bottom line is that we are giving to magnify the name of Jesus, and we do this by helping the needy, blessing others, and spreading the gospel, then why would we want it known about how much we give, to whom, and all that? Are we trying to look good, when we are supposed to be making Him look good?

Giving in secret doesn’t mean you have to make sure no one ever finds out, it means your attitude is that it doesn’t matter if anyone else ever does. Those that need others to know how much they give are needy in a way they don’t realize, because for all their giving they haven’t given what is really needed for them, their heart.

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