Sunday, July 04, 2021

Waiting for the whispers

John 7:10-13…
Jesus comes on His own terms. The insincere advice of His as yet unbelieving brothers did not change His purpose. He didn’t go when they suggested, but He was going to go. He would be making a very public manifestation and proclamation upon His arrival.

The Jews were conspiring to have Him killed. The people were conflicted as to who He really was. Everyone was afraid to side with Jesus because they knew how the religious leaders felt about Him. This was the set up for the ultimate confrontation between the true and the false.

It is just so today. If you are truly a Christian, the world around you whispers about what is going on. The enemy of our souls has filled the minds and hearts of the unbelievers with doubts as to who Jesus is. The test of trust is upon you. You know it will cost you to publically claim allegiance to Him. Too many of us cower in fear, seemingly unconvinced that He is who He says He is. Others think they need to see Jesus act out loud before they will claim Him as their own. Yet what needs to happen is that we need to claim our allegiance and proclaim His righteousness and salvation, and as we do that, He will indeed be there.

In any event, make no mistake; the battle for your faithful witness has begun, and the confrontation of your claim of Him is coming.

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