Friday, October 11, 2013

Daily Gospel Devotional 2013: A certain man, a certain plan

Matthew 26:17-20 / Mark 14:12-17 / Luke 22:7-14…          

In the busyness and crowded scenes of life, we can get quite frantic and frustrated about meeting our deadlines, timeliness, and perceived needs. Jesus hadn’t given the disciples the details about where they would celebrate Passover. When He does, the directions are so mysterious that they had to have been perplexed. There were hundreds of thousands gathered in Jerusalem for the occasion. How were they going to find this certain man? Of course they were obedient, and of course, it was just as Jesus had said it would be.

It is interesting to see God’s providence in hindsight. Remember, Judas was looking for an opportunity away from the crowd to betray Him. But Jesus knows that He must first eat Passover with His disciples, so He keeps all the details about the location secret.  That way the betrayer will only be able to betray Him after the Passover meal.

Think about the fact that Jesus is infinitely aware of His coming betrayal, trial, suffering, trauma, and death, and yet He is focused on doing God’s will. In this particular instance it is that He worships with His disciples. Jesus will go to great lengths to get you to obey Him in faith and to arrive at the place of worship.

God is orchestrating not only your situation, but all the attendant situations along with it. Remember, the certain man also obeyed the Lord, and from a messenger. Your role in obedience is a key to other things. Yes, God will still get all the things He wants to be done realized, whether we do our part or not. But realize this, your obedience will allow you to see amazing providence. If you are in rebellion, repent, turn and see how God is preparing a place for you. You cannot always trace His hand, but you can always trust His heart. 

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