Thursday, September 12, 2013

Daily Gospel Devotional 2013: Nothing more to say

Matthew 21:23-27 / Mark 11:27-33 / Luke 20:1-8…

At the beginning of Jesus’ ministry, when He cleansed the temple the first time, they had questioned His authority (John 2:18). They are asking the same question again, even though they knew that Jesus always claimed His authority was from God (John 8:28-29). They were hoping He might say it directly here in the temple, because the crowd was at a fever pitch because of Jesus’ teaching (Luke 19:48), and they thought they might charge Him with blasphemy.

Instead, Jesus confronts them with a counter question. “John’s baptism” referred to his ministry of repentance, preparing people for the coming of Messiah, and announcing the Messiah. The leaders realize that Jesus has put them on the spot. If they say it is from God, then they are exposed as frauds for rejecting it (Luke 7:29-30). If they say it’s from man, they would be accused of blasphemy instead of Jesus, because most people saw John as a prophet. They either have to admit that Jesus is the Messiah, or deny that John the Baptist was a prophet of God.

So they answered that they did not know where it came from. Their refusal to answer the question shows their refusal to receive the light that was given to them, both through John and through Jesus. Wherever John’s authority came from is where Jesus’ authority came from. They claimed to be religious, but were simply rejecting God on all counts.

It is just so today. Sometimes people claim to be agnostic when they just want to avoid what they really know to be true. Many use the excuse of not being able to understand the Bible as a reason for not admitting the truth they do know, and what their conscience tells them. But none of that will excuse you before God. God has made Himself clear. The reason you don’t understand Jesus is that you won’t admit that He is right about your sinfulness. 

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