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Tuesday, January 09, 2018

The dream comes

Luke 1:57-80…

John the Baptist is born. When the promise has come, there is still the matter of living it out in obedience. Direction is one thing, but development along that line quite another. Many a promised dream has died in the land of laziness, buried in the coffin of carelessness.

Zechariah learned that the blessing comes as we go with God and call those things as God sees them, and not as we might think they should be. Then we can truly praise as we ought. The lips of a man freed from bondage will speak blessing, and it may put a healthy fear of God before those who do not yet understand.

The promises of God are as good as His Word, and they give birth to our deepest hopes and dreams, but the fullness of the promise must wait for full growth if we are to receive the full blessing. It is not our decision to start, but our determination to stay in the will of God that will count in the end. The dream is born, but the destiny has only begun.



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