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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Last place wins the race

Matthew 1:18-25…

It seems that in the story of the gospels, Joseph is always last. Mary had been told by an angel that Jesus would be born of her, and then she went away to visit Elizabeth. Elizabeth knew who was in Mary’s womb, and who was in her own womb, and even the child in her womb, John the Baptist, knew who was in Mary’s womb. It would seem that Zechariah probably knew about Jesus, too. A lot of joy was being spread around. All of this travelling news and yet, all before Mary’s own husband, Joseph, knew.

Sometimes when we first notice the hand of God, we don’t know it is He who is moving in our situation. We can apprehend that something is happening, but we reason that it must not be the right thing. We decide that we will not make waves, but then the Master of the Sea (Psalm 135:6) comes to us for our understanding.

Like Zechariah and Mary, an angel told Joseph of the Good News. The Holy Spirit fills us with the knowledge that He who walks upon the waters is in our midst. Jesus, the One who saves us, the God who is with us, He is the fulfillment of our greatest dreams. Whenever we awaken to the Light of Christ, our obedience will hasten the birth of the dream through our lives.

In the fullness of time Jesus came (Galatians 4:4-7). In the fullness of time your dream will come. Better to know and be last than not know and be lost.



At 5:41 AM, Blogger Even So... said...

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At 10:15 AM, Anonymous Saira said...

The irony here (: got some good news this am and this ties it all in. God rocks!

At 8:18 AM, Blogger Even So... said...



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