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Saturday, January 28, 2017

Are you going somewhere?

John 1:35-51…

As we truly seek God, those who are leaders in our midst will acknowledge the move of God, and we will find ourselves in the place where we now are called to move forward. We must make sure that we are truly following Christ and not simply following men, and Jesus will ask us to examine ourselves to see if this is so. We took a step of faith to get to where we are now, but now we must follow further, we must continue to come along the path.

God will gather others along those journeys that are also being called to follow Christ in an ever deepening way. We may be the first to branch out on the Vine, and when we proclaim what we have found, and as we are faithful to bring others in, Jesus will confirm His presence. God is orchestrating the move in others as well, and unbeknownst to you, Jesus will call pilgrims on the Way who will meet you for a shared destiny.

Some may question the new movement, but this is because they are of a discerning maturity, and this will provide the opportunity for Jesus to prove Himself once again. Then those who look with true eyes will revel in it, not rebel against it. Jesus will cause them to see even greater things as the movement manifests.

The old way paves the way of the pioneer path. Are you settled on the side of the road, or are you following along with Jesus?



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